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Royal Leamington Spa Town Council was established in April 2002 following a petition to the Secretary of State which was signed by over 4,000 residents indicating their wish to see local authority status returned to the Town.  Unlike the other Towns in Warwick District, Leamington Spa was unique in not having its own elected body. The Council is based at Offices in the Town Hall at the Parade and meets as a full Council every second month.  All meetings of the Council and its Committees are open to the public and participation at Public Question time is welcomed.


The Town Council was elected for the first time at the elections in May 2003.  In that time the Town Council has rapidly established itself as a representative body for the people of Leamington and an important partner in the delivery of services to the Community.  The Council inherited no assets upon its formation in April 2002, with the exception of civic regalia associated with the Office of Mayor.  It has therefore negotiated the transfer of certain assets and responsibilities from other local authorities such as Warwick District Council. The most significant of these has been the transfer of allotments at Black Lane, Lillington, and the War Memorial at Euston Place.


The Town Council is the first tier of local authority within the Town and works in partnership with the key service providers including – Warwickshire County Council, Warwickshire Police Authority and Warwick District Council – to enhance the provision and quality of public services.   The Town Council also has an important representational role and, in the period since its inception, has responded on behalf of the Town to the following important issues:-


  • Proposed air passenger facilities at Rugby and Baginton
  • Formation of the District Local Plan
  • Planning policies to protect the unique character of our Town and the amenity of residential areas
  • The management and control of night time activity through a new licensing policy
  • The implementation and improvement of highway safety along the Parade
  • Applications for planning permission throughout the six wards of the Town.

The Council also recognises the contribution to be made to life through the many community and voluntary organisations based in the Town and actively engages with and supports these bodies through the work of the Cultural and Community Committee. It maintains a Community Grant Fund which is allocated on a twice yearly basis. You can find more details about this fund on the Community Section of the website.


Responsibility for other services in the Town lies with the relevant authority – Warwickshire County Council

or Warwick District Council or email


The main services provided by the Town Council are as follows:-




  •  Civic events promoted by the Town Mayor                            
  • Public Seating                    
  •  Grants to Voluntary Organisations
  •  Planning matters (acting as a consultee on planning applications to the planning authority)
  •  Crime Prevention Initiatives
  •  Leamington in Bloom
  •  Allotments
  •  Tourism Promotion
  •  Management of Open Spaces
  •  Town Twinning
  •  Tree Planting renewal
  • War Memorial







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