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The Agenda, Minutes and Reports for meetings of the Policy and Resources Committee can be accessed here one week before the meeting.

All meetings commence at 6.00 pm unless stated otherwise. 


8th January 

Agenda and Reports

2018/19 Provisional Settlement Consultation 

12th March  Agenda and Reports
9th April  Agenda and Reports 
4th June

Agenda and Reports 

2nd July  This meeting has been cancelled 
3rd September  Agenda and Reports 
8th October Agenda and Reports 
13th November  Agenda, Minutes and Reports 
10th December  Agenda, Minutes and Reports 
8th January Agenda and Reports
11th February Agenda & Reports 
18th March Agenda & Reports 
15th April 



Monitoring Report 

17th June 

Agenda & Reports 

Draft Minutes 

15th July  Agenda & Reports
9th September  Agenda & Reports
7th October 

Agenda and Reports 

Newbold Comyn - Leam Society Proposals 

Ted X - Leamington 

28th October  This meeting is cancelled
2nd December  Agenda and Reports 
Monday 6th January 

Agenda and Reports

Budget 2020/21

Monday 3rd February  Agenda and Reports 
Monday 2nd March  Agenda & Reports 
Monday 27th April 


Minutes - 02.03.2020

Meetings Report

Wednesday 10th June


Minutes 27.04.20

Newbold Comyn Masterplan Report

RLS Town Council Response to Masterplan

Thursday 9th July


Minutes (10.06.20)

Report No 6

Report 6 Appendix

Report 7

Report 9

Report 9 - Appendix 

Thursday 10th September

Agenda and Reports

Equality and Diversity Policy - Draft 

Thursday 8th October

Agenda and Reports


Thursday 19th November

Agenda and Reports


Wednesday 16th December

Agenda and Reports


Thursday 4th February Agenda and Reports          Minutes
Thursday 18th March Agenda and Reports          Minutes
Thursday 15th April Postponed
Monday 26th April Agenda and Reports          Minutes
Thursday 17th June Agenda and Reports          Minutes
Weds 7th July

Agenda and Reports          Minutes

Thursday 9th September Agenda & Reports             Minutes
Thursday 7th October Agenda & reports               Minutes
Thursday 18th November Agenda & Reports             Minutes
Weds 15th December Agenda & Reports             Minutes
Thursday 03rd February Agenda & Reports              Minutes
Thursday 17th March Agenda & Reports              Minutes
Thursday 28th April Agenda & Reports              Minutes
Thursday 16th June

Agenda & Reports              Minutes

Item 11 AppB

Wednesday 13th July Agenda & Reports             Minutes
Thursday 8th September

Agenda & Reports  Item 10 Apprendices B&C


Thursday 13th October

Agenda & Reports    Supporting info - item 7


Wednesday 16th November Agenda & Reports          Draft Minutes
Thursday 15th December 22 Agenda & Reports
Thursday 02 February 23 Agenda & Reports     Item 6 Appendix A
Thursday 16 March 23 Agenda & Reports     Item 9 Appendix A