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                                          THE MAYOR

Councillor Susan Rasmussen Copyright (Leamington Spa Town Council)

(Elected Mayor of Royal Leamington Spa 16th May 2020.  Re-elected Mayor in May 2021)

New Mayor Elected to serve Royal Leamington Spa

For the first time in the town’s history the Mayor of Royal Leamington Spa was elected virtually and for a second year in office.    Due to the ongoing national public health emergency, caused by the global COVID-19,  Cllr Susan Rasmussen was re-elected as Mayor in May at an on-line ceremony.

Cllr Susan Rasmussen said “Everything is changing. Being obliged to keep a distance from each other continues to alter every part of our lives, and that includes the way that our Town Council is working. We are still meeting and conducting our statutory business, but from the comparative safety of our homes. The Town Clerk continues to explore ways to ensure public access to our decision-making processes.

“One of the things I was looking forward to during my time as Mayor was encouraging more people to engage with the Town Council, and even to attend some of our Council Meetings themselves. That, and the many wonderful opportunities that the Mayor has to visit and support local organisations and institutions, will have to wait a while.

 “I am the first Mayor In Leamington's history to be elected online, not in person at a public meeting, but  I hope that before too long we can all get together and celebrate the resumption of civic life in a ceremony at the Town Hall. We will also use the occasion to mark the contributions that so many key workers and volunteers have made, and without whom life in the town we love would not have been possible. My Deputy Nick Wilkins, the other Town Councillors, our dedicated professional team and I will enjoy welcoming as many of you as can join us in the not too distant future.”

To obtain further information , please contact the Civic Officer on 01926 450906 or email - mayor@leamingtonspatowncouncil.gov.uk

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